Our Argonaute kids

These are some of our stories. Thank you for supporting all the Argonaute children out there.


4 years Spain AGO1

When I was born, I couldn't breastfeed. I was a very good girl, so good that I didn’t cause any trouble, something that mom started to get worried about.


17 years USA AGO2

Devyn is a sweet, playful young lady who loves cuddles and sensory play. She has gotten much steadier on her feet over the years (thanks to her service dog). She uses her communication device, gestures, and clips from her favorite shows to express herself and is working on her reading and writing skills. Sky’s the limit for Devyn!


6 years Netherlands AGO2

Born against odds due to her father's battle with cancer, Suze's health challenges began early. With a rare mutation in AGO2 requiring constant care, her family navigates the financial strain of uncovered medical expenses with unwavering dedication. Join us in supporting Suze and her family as they bravely face adversity together.


14 years USA AGO1

Holly is an extremely happy, peaceful child with the kindest heart. She makes the greatest effort despite the challenges!


23 years USA AGO1

Casadee has always been such a joy, full of sass and sunshine! We realized early on that she did not progress like our other daughters’ had, and began a 20-yr-quest for a diagnosis. Never give up searching for answers and treatments, as they may be just behind that closed door. Our kids are worth every single minute of our fight!


4 years Switzerland AGO2

Seizures at 5 months required heavy medication, and a weak muscle tone severely impaired development. Yet, many therapies and a year later Emma delighted us all by running. Her development is uncertain, but we are so happy about every step and smile!


7 years Austria AGO2

Johannes' low muscle tone was noticeable right after birth, but even drop seizures did not stop him from learning to walk. With his walking trainer or at the hand he explores the world. Johannes asserts his will even without speech and he delights us daily with his infinite affection.


8 years Germany AGO2

Finn worked so hard to finally walk at 4,5 and now can't be stopped. His inability to speak makes it hard to connect with other children, but he wins the hearts and souls with his radiating smile and countless free hugs.