6 years Netherlands AGO2

Suze (2018) is Patrick and Hanneke’s sixth child. Hanneke describes Suze as their miracle baby, because her conception was medically impossible due to cancer treatment of Patrick.

During the pregnancy, Suze was small for gestational age and worries about her health started to form.

Besides worries for Suze, Patrick had a severe health battle for himself. He needed to fight cancer once again. (Thankfully he survived)

After a long search after birth it turned out that Suze has a rare mutation in AGO2, which causes her to need round-the-clock care. Something her parents do with all of their heart. She is tube-fed for instance, suffers from severe reflux and can’t walk. Her upper-body strength is small. And Suze suffers from seizures.


The care surrounding Suze causes great financial stress, because this is largely not covered by insurance.

The family has founded Stichting Suze, where you can follow their journey and offer support.