April 25, 2024

A Parent's Guide to Understanding Genetic Reports

For DNA Day 2024, we're thrilled to unveil a new family resource

🌟 Exciting News! 🌟

A new resource is available on our website, which was created in collaboration with a genetic counselling student partner, Hannah, from University of Pennsylvania 🧬

🔍 Introducing: "A Parent's Guide to Understanding Genetic Reports" 📝 This comprehensive guide is tailored specifically for families impacted by AGO gene disorders, offering clarity and support through the complexities of genetic testing reports.

💬 Here's what Hannah had to say about this project:

"Collaborating with the AGO Alliance has been an absolute highlight in my journey as an up-and-coming genetic counselor. Working with these resources for families impacted by Argonaute syndromes has been an incredibly meaningful and deeply fulfilling experience. My heart is truly invested in the hope that these tools can bring comfort and clarity to those faced with the complexities of genetic testing reports. Alongside Nora, pouring our passion and dedication into crafting these resources has been a labor of love. I sincerely hope our work to serve as a guiding light in moments of uncertainty, offering clarity to those who need it most."

🔗 Access the guide here: 

Web version
Print version

We'd like to thank Hannah for this amazing work, and UPenn's Orphan Disease Center for the opportunity to collaborate.

💡 Our mission at AGO Alliance is to empower AGO families by providing vital education and support. This resource is just one example of how we're championing inclusion and transforming children's futures!

🌈 Together, let's illuminate the path forward for families impacted by AGO gene disorders. Join us in spreading the word and making a difference this DNA Day! 🧬