May 18, 2022

LI post: Grow your resilience muscle

For mental health awareness month, our founder Nora shares 6 ideas how to handle a crisis

How I coped with my daughter’s crushing diagnosis and grew my resilience muscle.

Several people asked me, so here are 6 ideas to handle a crisis:

  1. Determine to feel well. Initially this felt like a bad joke. Enjoy the moment. Focus on the positive. When you think your child may never walk, each step is precious.

  2. Find ways to recharge. For me, being in nature and meditation help. And work as it focuses my attention on other things and brings “normalcy”.

  3. Trust that you will be able to handle the situation. “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t - you’re right” (Henry Ford)

  4. Set yourself goals. Seek purpose and go after it in small steps. For example, going for a daily walk for two weeks. Or, for me, to set up a patient organization to unite families and advance research.

  5. Accept that you can’t change some things and change the others. Invest your resource where you can make a difference.

  6. Ask for help. You don’t need to do it alone.

I glued a stickie with key points on my bathroom mirror. Growing a muscle needs dedication and work.

In short, focus on the positive and on what you can change, recharge, believe that you can, set goals and ask for help.

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