March 6, 2023

RAREis Global Advocate Grant panel with AGO2

Listen to Nora & fellow rare disease advocates at a panel in honour of Rare Disease Day 2023

Nora, our co-founder and president, had the opportunity to participate in the RAREis Global Advocate Grant panel for Rare Disease Day 2023.

Together with RAREis and fellow rare disease advocates Adrian Goretzki of the EDU Institute and Sarita Edwards of the E.WE Foundation, Nora discussed the challenges currently facing the rare disease community, and the work our organisation, AGO2 Association, is doing to help address these issues. We also spoke about why the grant mattered and advances in the field that excites us.

Listen in on our conversation!

If you are a fellow advocate, apply for the 2023 grant until March 31 2023!

Thank you Horizon Therapeutics for the opportunity to share my perspective and for supporting our organisation.